Xiaomi Redmi Turbo 3: Teardown shows boost chip

The Xiaomi Redmi Turbo 3 was officially launched yesterday. Today the first testers have already dismantled it into its individual parts.
Xiaomi Redmi Turbo 3

Yesterday, Xiaomi officially introduced the Redmi Turbo 3 as the sub-brand’s new top model, highlighted by the Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 chipset at the helm. Today there is already a video teardown of it thanks to the colleagues at WekiHome. Since the ladies and gentlemen reside in China, it is worth clicking on the “CC” button to activate English subtitles. The Turbo 3 is currently only available in China, which is unlikely to change. At least under this name.

The video offers a very detailed look at the entire inner workings of the Xiaomi Redmi Turbo 3. The plastic back is removed first, which is slowly but surely followed by more and more parts. You can see the internal positioning of the main components. This includes the cameras, battery, NFC coil, top speaker, ring-shaped LED flash, motherboard, chipset as well as IR transmitter, microphones, LPDDR5X RAM and UFS 4.0 storage.

Xiaomi’s self-developed Surge P2 charging chip also falls victim to the screwdriver. Just like the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module, the ambient light sensor, the sub-board and the bottom speaker. Finally, the USB port, the X-axis linear vibration motor and the screen covered with Gorilla Glass Victus and the vapor chamber for cooling have to give way.

In addition, there is also an interesting “boost chip” on board. It comes into play when the battery voltage falls below a certain value, which normally no longer allows the screen to be turned on. This all happens to get even more juice out of it. The lower the ambient temperature, the greater the effect. Although, as we said, it’s unlikely that the Xiaomi Redmi Turbo 3 will ever launch outside of China. But we wouldn’t be surprised if it was renamed Poco internationally. In fact, there are rumors that it will make the journey overseas under the name Xiaomi Poco F6.


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