Xiaomi Poco M6 Pro: First teaser reveals dual camera and 5G

The Xiaomi Poco M6 Pro 5G, as the name suggests, will support 5G. The country head of Poco India revealed this on Twitter.
Xiaomi Poco M6 Pro 5G

The Xiaomi Poco M5 in all its variants including the Poco M5s was a 4G only phone. The upcoming Xiaomi Poco M6 Pro 5G, on the other hand, will, as the name suggests, support 5G. Himanshu Tandon, Country Head of Poco India, revealed this on Twitter today.

However, the Xiaomi Poco M6 Pro 5G will not be the first 5G cell phone in Poco’s M series. In fact, the M5 was an exception as there were also 5G models in both the M3 and M4 series. However, Tandon has not revealed which chipset will bring the 5G functions to the upcoming Xiaomi cell phones. Hopefully this information will come with one of the next teasers. At the moment we can only assume a dual camera setup on a flat camera module and an LED flash in terms of specifications. The camera island is more reminiscent of the Poco M4 than the M5, which had a raised visor-style island.

The Poco M4 5G was launched in India in early 2022 for ₹13,000 with 4/64GB and was sold through Flipkart. The Poco M5 cost ₹12,500 for the 4/64GB model and was released in late 2022. The upcoming Xiaomi Poco M6 should be in a similar price segment – the M series is Poco’s inexpensive entry-level models, the X series is the middle class and the F series is the flagship.


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