Xiaomi Poco F5 / Redmi K60 Pro disassembled in video

A disassembly video reveals some interesting similarities between the Xiaomi Poco F5 / Redmi K60 and the F5 Pro / K60 Pro.
Xiaomi Poco F5 Pro Redmi K60 Pro

Xiaomi managed to sell 300,000 Poco F5 / Redmi K60 phones in just 5 minutes. What did customers get for their money? One way to answer this question is to disassemble the Xiaomi smartphones. YouTube channel WekiHome has published a detailed video that reveals some interesting similarities between the base model and the Pro version.

The disassembly video shows that the smartphones are built as similar as possible. Probably to simplify the assembly process and keep production costs under control. The Pro model uses a larger main camera sensor (1/1.49 inch, Sony IMX890) than the base model (1/2 inch, OmniVision OV64B40). Therefore, Xiaomi uses a plastic mount on the F5/K60’s smaller camera to adjust the dimensions.

Other big differences between the two models are the chipset and memory. The Poco F5 Pro / Redmi K60 Pro uses the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, UFS 4.0 storage from Samsung and LPDDR5X RAM from Micron. The base model relies on an SD 8+ Gen 1 with UFS 3.1 and LPDDR5 from Samsung. The layout of the mainboard is kept as similar as possible.

Poco F5 Pro / Redmi K60 Pro with Surge P1 charging chip

There’s also a very large vapor chamber to keep the chipsets cool. Interestingly, there are minor differences between them, suggesting two separate providers. The mainboard also accommodates the Surge P1 charging chip in the lower area. The small circuit board that houses the USB-C port has an extra chip to handle the Pro’s 120-watt wired fast charging.

On the base model, the board is identical, but the loading chip is missing. On the other hand, the battery of the Poco F5 / Redmi K60 is slightly larger than that of the Pro. That goes for both capacity and physical dimensions. Nevertheless, the two models are kept as similar as possible.


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