Xiaomi Mix Fold 3, Pad 6 Max, 13T Pro and Redmi Pad 2 certified

The Xiaomi Mix Fold 3 is about to be launched, as is the Xiaomi Pad 6 Max, the Redmi Pad 2 and the Xiaomi 13T and 13T Pro.
Xiaomi 13T Pro

Samsung in particular is making the headlines at the moment, as the Galaxy Z Fold5 and Z Flip5 as well as the new Galaxy Tab S9 series will be launched in a few days. Xiaomi also has very similar plans for the coming month of August. When it comes to foldables, the Xiaomi Mix Fold 3 is about to be launched in China, as well as the Xiaomi Pad 6 Max and the Redmi Pad 2. The Redmi K60 Ultra / Extreme Edition is also in the starting blocks, which will come to Europe as the Xiaomi 13T Pro. For all of these devices, charging speeds have now come to light thanks to a new certification.

According to the tip, the Xiaomi Mix Fold 3 will charge with 67 watts via cable, just like the predecessor Mix Fold 2 and the original Mix Fold. The camera setup will again be developed together with Leica, while a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip takes over the drive. Xiaomi’s latest under-display camera is also on board, as is a periscope zoom lens. The new fold should also be waterproof.

Next up is the Xiaomi Pad 6 Max, also with 67 watt charging speed and a “super large display”. The normal Xiaomi Pad 6 already has a diagonal of 11 inches. So we’re expecting at least 12.4 inches here, just like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+. In China, Xiaomi also released a Pad 6 Pro with a faster chipset, but the display size was identical at 11 inches.

It continues with the Redmi K60 Ultra / Extreme Edition, which should come onto the market as Xiaomi 13T Pro. With 120 watts, the 13T Pro has the highest charging speed of all new devices. The normal 13T should still charge with the well-known 67 watts. This also confirms the previous leaks. Also, like the Xiaomi Mix Fold 3, Leica cameras are under discussion.

Finally, the Redmi Pad 2 is also in the starting blocks, the successor to the first, extremely popular Redmi Pad. Xiaomi presented the first model in January, so it’s actually a bit early for a successor. According to the tip, the charging speed, if at all, increases from 18 watts to 22.5 watts. Both values are in the certification. Therefore, the current 18 watts could remain for the European market.


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