Xiaomi MiOS: Own operating system instead of MIUI 15?

It is unclear whether MiOS will be another Android interface like MIUI or whether Xiaomi is developing a new mobile operating system.
Xiaomi MiOS

Xiaomi’s own Android interface MIUI has been running on the manufacturer’s smartphones and tablets since 2010. Xiaomi now has a global user base of over 564 million monthly active users. The latest version is MIUI 14, which was announced last December and also comes to older Xiaomi phones using a trick. However, there are indications that Xiaomi will no longer release MIUI 15. Instead, according to reliable tipster Digital Chat Station, an entirely new system called MiOS is coming to market.

It is still unclear whether MiOS will simply be another Android interface like MIUI or whether Xiaomi is actually developing a new mobile operating system. Previous rumors suggest that Xiaomi wants to follow in Huawei’s footsteps and launch its own operating system based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). This system could run on smartphones, tablets and Xiaomi wearables as well as on the group’s upcoming electric cars.

Xiaomi has already trademarked the MiOS name and the domain mios.cn in China, and several reports of a MiOS developer beta have circulated in Chinese media. Other sources, however, assume that the new software will not come to cell phones in the short term. Instead, MIUI 15 should come next as usual and then other versions after that.

Next year, the premiere of MiOS will initially take place in Xiaomi electric cars. MiOS will act as a bridge between MIUI and Xiaomi Cars. After cars, iOT devices such as Xiaomi televisions, refrigerators and home technology are to be converted next. Finally, if possible, there will also be a change in smartphones.

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