Xiaomi 14T and 14T Pro: Various upgrades on the way

The first leak for the Xiaomi 14T and Xiaomi 14T Pro today revealed several exciting technical data, including the chipsets.
Xiaomi 13T Pro Redmi K60 Ultra

Every fall, Xiaomi brings a few new T models onto the market – high-end devices that are just below the top class at a cheaper price. Last year we had the Xiaomi 13T and 13T Pro, this year the Xiaomi 14T and 14T Pro are likely to follow. A new leak with several technical data emerged today for exactly these two smartphones.

First of all, the Xiaomi 14T Pro, which will be based on the China-exclusive Redmi K70 Ultra. However, it will not be a direct rebranding as Xiaomi will bring some upgrades. Both Xiaomi smartphones are based on a MediaTek Dimensity 9300 chipset. However, the 14T Pro features wireless charging and a telephoto camera on the back for the first time in the T series.

Both are missing from the Redmi K70 Ultra, which will have a macro camera instead. The 14T Pro will also feature Leica branding like its predecessor. This is also missing from the Redmis in order to keep the price low.

The Xiaomi 14T and 14T Pro will both launch in Europe, Japan and other markets, but not in the Indian market. While this is remarkable, it has always been like this with the T-series. In Japan, the local provider Softbank takes over sales.

The cheaper Xiaomi 14T will likely use a chipset from MediaTek’s Dimensity 8000 series, just like the 13T before it. Other than that, the only difference between the 13T and 13T Pro is charging speed. The basic model draws 67 watts, the Pro pulls up to 120 watts. Something similar could happen again this year, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Xiaomi also ditched wireless charging on the 14T to differentiate it from the Pro.



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