Xiaomi 13 Ultra has a “67mm filter adapter”

The Xiaomi 13 Ultra is coming on April 18th. According to Xiaomi, it will be a professional camera, not just a phone with very good cameras.
Xiaomi 13 Ultra

The Xiaomi 13 Ultra will be officially launched on April 18th. According to Xiaomi, it will be a professional camera, not just a flagship smartphone with very good cameras. To underline the whole thing and to emphasize the resemblance to real cameras, Xiaomi plans to also offer an accessory for the Ultra called “67 mm filter adapter”.

The associated teaser consists more of shadow than light. Nevertheless, you can see a kind of cover made of green, probably vegan leather. On the side of this case is a large handle with a top trigger like a real camera. Many years ago, the film was still held in such a grip on an analog camera. The fact that the Xiaomi 13 Ultra gets an external battery with the additional space in the handle is probably wishful thinking.

In addition, a cover over the camera module of the Xiaomi cell phone is faintly visible. If you combine this cover with the teaser “67 mm filter adapter”, there is actually only one conclusion left. The housing should include an adapter for a genuine Leica UVa II E67 filter, covering the entire camera module. Sony offered similar accessories for the Xperia Pro back then. The big question is whether Xiaomi is also working on a dedicated camera app that can take the cinematic experience to the next level.

The Xiaomi 13 Ultra’s camera setup will consist of four 50-megapixel Sony sensors, with the main camera using a 1-inch Sony IMX 989 chip. The other three lenses also use rather large Sony IMX858 sensors. The rest of the hardware up to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset should also leave nothing to be desired.

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