Xiaomi 13 Pro finally officially waterproof

The Xiaomi 13 Pro will be officially launched this Sunday. This time there is an official IP rating - the Pro will be waterproof.
Xiaomi 13 Pro

The Xiaomi 13 Pro will be officially presented this Sunday, December 11th. There will be a green version and a new camera design. But more importantly, there’s finally an official IP rating – the Pro is going waterproof. The company revealed in a Weibo video that the smartphone will be dustproof and waterproof certified.

According to the short clip, the Xiaomi 13 Pro camera setup will be prepared for any environmental conditions. It also includes a mode for taking pictures on a starry night. A feature that the Xiaomi 12 Pro lacked.

The IP rating is certified by the IEC – International Electrotechnical Commission. Otherwise, a manufacturer cannot legally advertise their product as protected from water or dust. Cheap Xiaomi phones have an official IP53 rating, which means the devices can withstand light dust and splashing water. With the 13 Pro, Xiaomi is likely to upgrade to IP68 like the current flagship Xiaomi 12S Ultra. This means that the smartphone is dustproof and protected against water ingress at a depth of up to 1.5 meters for a maximum of 30 minutes.

The pictured color of the Xiaomi 13 Pro is called Wilderness Green. It comes in a limited bundle, which also contains a smartwatch (possibly the new Watch S2) and the Buds 4 Pro. The two wearables are also green. There is also a protective cover with a wrist strap.

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