WhatsApp update: edit messages after sending

We've been hearing about a message editing feature in WhatsApp for years, but it's never been implemented.
WhatsApp edit messages

We’ve been hearing about a message editing feature in WhatsApp for years, but it’s never been implemented. Interestingly, many other messaging services like Telegram have had this feature for a long time. Therefore, the question arose as to what took the guys so long to do this. But the wait is over now. Facebook parent company Meta is now introducing the option to edit messages on WhatsApp as well. The update reaches all global users on both iOS and Android.

Editing Whatsapp messages is very simple. You just long-press on a sent message, tap “Edit”, change the message as needed, and save your changes. The latest version of the message is then displayed to the other users in the chat. Each edited message gets a small label that says “Edited” so other users can see the change. As with all other message types on WhatsApp, edited messages remain end-to-end encrypted.

However, there is one major limitation to editing WhatsApp messages – a 15-minute window. In other words, you only have 15 minutes to edit a message after sending it. If you miss this time window, you can only delete the message if necessary. And of course you can only edit your own messages.



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