WhatsApp now supports screen sharing on video calls

Screen sharing via WhatsApp has been in development for several months now, The first beta version started back in May.
WhatsApp Screen Sharing

WhatsApp continues to work diligently on various new functions. As Mark Zuckerberg, head of Facebook and thus also WhatsApp, announced today, the messenger service now supports screen sharing for video calls. As the name suggests, you can use it to share documents, photos or whatever else is on the display.

Screen sharing via WhatsApp had been in development for several months and entered the first beta in May. It can be accessed by tapping the share icon. You can then choose to share either just a specific app or the entire screen. It’s very similar to the screen sharing features of Zoom and Google Meet, so it should be fairly easy to use.

It is precisely in their business areas that WhatsApp should also want to penetrate with the new function. On the other hand, you might not want to share your private number with all your work colleagues and only want to give technical support to (elderly) relatives. Screen sharing is also ideal for this.

As is usual with new functions, screen sharing will also be rolled out step by step. Therefore it can take a few days or even weeks until you see the new feature on your Android phone, IPhone, notebook or MacBook. Incidentally, as a complement to screen sharing, WhatsApp now also allows video calls in landscape mode.



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