WhatsApp is of course getting an AI chatbot

Limited testing of WhatsApp AI is already underway in select countries for users who have English set as their WhatsApp language.
WhatsApp AI

AI chatbots are slowly but surely infiltrating every app we use, and the latest is WhatsApp. Meta is currently testing whether the Meta AI chatbot would also be an excellent fit for the messaging service. The test is currently running in the latest version of the app for iOS and Android.

At the moment, the test is only available for those who have set English as their WhatsApp language. However, this is a limited test, which means that not every user can see the Meta AI chatbot in WhatsApp yet. So far, it has gone live in select countries, including India, but only for a limited number of customers. This will of course change in the future.

Some have Meta AI built into the search bar, while others also have a new Meta AI icon in the top right next to the camera button and new chat button.

WhatsApp AI works like any other chatbot out there – you can ask it questions and get corresponding answers. If you tap on the meta-AI-enabled search bar, you will get a few randomly generated suggestions for questions. But you can of course use any command prompt.

It will be interesting to see if WhatsApp will go one step further and integrate the AI chatbot into chats like Skype, especially since these are end-to-end encrypted. At the moment the implementation only runs in the search bar.



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