WhatsApp introduces chat filters

WhatsApp chat filters are intended to help you find unread messages as well as group chats and subgroups of communities more quickly.
WhatsApp chat filters

WhatsApp has announced a new feature called chat filters. As the name suggests, they filter the chat list according to various criteria. There are three of these filters, and they appear above the list of chats so you can access them with a single tap.

The names of the new WhatsApp chat filters are pretty self-explanatory – there’s All, Unread and Groups. So if you tap on “All”, all chats will of course be displayed. If you tap on “Unread”, only the chats in which there are unread messages are displayed. Regardless of whether the messages are actually new or whether you have marked them as unread. If you tap “Groups” you will only see messages from group chats and subgroups of communities.

The intention behind the WhatsApp chat filters update was that opening the app and finding the right chat “should feel quick, seamless, and simple.” The new filters will definitely help with this. At least you have to scroll less. The rollout of the new feature is already underway and should reach every WhatsApp user “in the coming weeks”.



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