WhatsApp can now pin multiple messages in a chat

WhatsApp now allows you to pin up to three messages in individual and group chats with text, images and polls.
WhatsApp Message Pins

Last December, WhatsApp introduced the ability to pin messages in individual and group chats. However, you could only pin one message in a chat. That’s now changing since Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and WhatsApp boss Will Cathcart announced that users can now pin up to three messages in individual and group chats.

WhatsApp users can pin different types of messages, including text, images and polls. To pin a message, you have to long-press it, select “Pin” from the menu, and choose the duration.

By default, the message will be pinned for seven days, but you can also choose 24 hours or 30 days. After this time has elapsed, the message will be automatically resolved again. Additionally, if you click on the pinned message, you can jump to the entire message in the conversation.

In group chats, group administrators can also allow members to pin messages. When a message is pinned, all members of that group are notified. However, users who join a group after a message has been pinned will not see it. If you don’t have the group chat history or deleted the message before pinning it, you won’t see it either.



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