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WhatsApp brings new status features

WhatsApp announced a new update today, which brings various new functions for your own status. The updated version of the app with the new functions is already being rolled out worldwide and should be available to all users “in the coming weeks”. One of the new features is the ability to save and share voice messages as status messages. The messages can be up to 30 seconds long.

In addition, with the new version you can set your privacy settings per status. This allows you to choose who sees or hears your status with each update. WhatsApp saves the last audience selection and sets it as the default for the next status.

Status reactions allow you to react to status updates, which seems to have been the most requested feature for WhatsApp after the introduction of reactions in chats last year. Quick replies to the status are also possible by first swiping up and then tapping one of eight emojis. And of course you can still reply with text, a voice message or stickers.

A new status profile ring will appear around a contact’s profile picture when they share a status update. The ring is visible in the chat list, group participant lists, and in the contact information section. Finally, just like in chats, there are also link previews for the status. So if you post a link to your status, the preview will automatically appear. Plus, your contacts get an idea of what the link is about before they tap it.



Toni Hobrecht
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