WhatsApp brings in-app dialer for making calls

Since last year, WhatsApp has been working on an in-app dialer and a feature to send messages to unsaved contacts.
WhatsApp Screen Sharing

Last year we learned that WhatsApp was developing a feature that would allow users to message unsaved contacts. While this feature is not yet available to everyone, the platform has now started developing an in-app dialer. In the future, you will be able to call people directly via WhatsApp without saving their numbers.

This dialer was discovered in WhatsApp for Android beta version This would be just as handy as being able to message someone on WhatsApp without having to save their number first. This could save you the trouble of temporarily adding the numbers to the address book if regular contact is not expected.

Additionally, WhatsApp is working on a feature called “Hidden Group” that will allow users to hide groups in communities. Discovered in beta version of WhatsApp for Android, it allows only invited members to find and join the group. Authorized community administrators can also find and, if necessary, remove hidden groups.

It is unclear when these features will be made available to users worldwide in the stable version.

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