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WhatsApp: Automatically send HD media and new navbar

WhatsApp can now send photos in HD quality with a new update. There is also a new navbar on the bottom.
WhatsApp Navbar

WhatsApp introduced a function back in August that allows you to send photos in higher quality – the full resolution of the image. Until now, you had to select the higher resolution manually and individually for each image. A look at the WhatsApp beta for Android with version number now gives hope for improvement.

According to the source code, the upcoming WhatsApp version will allow you to automatically send all images and videos in HD with a new media upload quality toggle. The setting can be found in the “Storage and Data” menu. By selecting “Standard Quality,” the recipient will receive the media in a compressed file for faster delivery at lower quality. HD quality reportedly uses six times more file storage and is obviously slower to send.

The switch in the media sharing screen remains, so you can send some files in a different quality setting if necessary. A select number of beta testers are already testing the feature. Once all issues with the feature are resolved, it will also be available in the stable version.

New navigation

WhatsApp has also announced a new bottom navigation bar for Android users. It replaces the older top navigation bar with four tabs for Communities, Chats, Status and Calls. The new navigation bar, which is “closer to your thumbs and easy on the eyes,” also has a new order. Additionally, the status is now called “Updates” and all four sections have icons. Previously, only the Communities tab had an icon. Additionally, while the older navigation bar was green, the new navigation bar is white.

The navigation bar is now closer to your thumb, making it quicker to switch between different tabs. A beta test has already been running in India for the past few weeks, but with the official announcement, WhatsApp is now making it available to its users worldwide. If you have not yet received the update, you should update the WhatsApp app on your Android device to the latest version from the Google Play Store.

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