vivo X100 Ultra will be a pro camera that can make calls

The X100 Pro is already one of the best camera phones on the market. The vivo X100 Ultra wants to top that with a 200 MP periscope telephoto.
vivo X100 Pro

The vivo X100 Pro is already an amazing camera phone, one of the best to hit the market in recent months. But that’s not enough for the Chinese company – it wants to push the boundaries even further. And in fact, according to its Vice President of Products, Huang Tao, vivo is currently working on a new smartphone that will be “a professional camera that can make calls.” This is probably the vivo X100 Ultra.

The vivo X100 Ultra is currently a hotly debated topic on the Chinese microblogging platform Weibo under the code name Thanos. The vivo manager thanked people there for their keen interest in the upcoming smartphone and revealed that the new Ultra will be launched sometime in the near future. Rumor has it that this means next month.

If the idea behind it is indeed to develop a “professional camera” with a smartphone connected to it, then we are curious and excited to see the result. vivo has already proven that it has the expertise needed to create outstanding camera smartphones. If this becomes the new peak, then we are all for it.

The X100 Ultra is rumored to feature a Quad HD+ E7 AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate. The drive is provided by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset. The wide-angle photos are taken by a 50 megapixel main camera with a Sony Lytia LYT-900 sensor. There is also an ultra-wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens. The highlight, however, will be an additional 200 megapixel periscope telephoto with 100 mm equivalent focal length for 4.3x optical zoom and 200x digital zoom. Additionally, the next vivo flagship should have satellite connectivity.



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