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vivo X100 Pro test: Dimensity 9300 throttles after 2 minutes

As expected, cooling a chipset with four high-performance cores is difficult - apparently also in the vivo X100 Pro.
vivo X100 Pro

The new vivo X100 Pro has now landed in the hands of the first happy vivo fans. And the first tests revolve around one question: What can the brand new MediaTek Dimensity 9300 chipset do? And how long can it do this before the heat generated by the four Cortex-X4 big cores leads to the processor throttling?

As expected, cooling a chipset with four high-performance cores is a difficult task. And that apparently also applies to the vivo X100 Pro. In a popular CPU throttling test, the eight-core processor dropped to 46% of its maximum performance after just 2 minutes. Four of the cores were limited to 1.2 GHz, three to 1.5 GHz and one to just 0.6 GHz.

The normal frequencies, on the other hand, are 3.25 GHz for the Cortex-X4 main core, 2.85 GHz for the three Cortex-X4 performance cores and 2 GHz for the four Cortex-A720 efficiency cores. For comparison: In stress tests, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset usually still achieves around 80% of its maximum performance after more than 10 minutes of continuous load.

The CPU throttling test is designed to run all CPU cores at full speed. This way you can test how a smartphone copes with maximum load. The vivo X100 Pro has a passive cooling system, like most flagship smartphones. Usually you get better performance from a device with active cooling, such as a fan. Something like this is often built into gaming phones, but so far we haven’t seen one with the Dimensity 9300.



Stefan Andres
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