vivo iQOO Watch with BlueOS and optional eSIM is here

The focus of the vivo iQOO Watch is on health and sports tracking features. It is based on the vivo Watch 3.
vivo iQOO Watch

vivo just introduced its first smartwatch called the iQOO Watch, but the company didn’t start from scratch. The new model looks very similar to the vivo Watch 3 and even runs on the same BlueOS platform instead of Google Wear OS. In addition to the normal version, there is also a model with an eSIM, which is unusual for a proprietary smartwatch. vivo has even released its own app store.

The iQOO Watch measures 46.1 mm in diameter and is 11.3 mm thick without the biometric sensor. Without strap it weighs 36 g. There are three different straps to choose from – woven nylon, rubber and genuine leather. The straps are of course interchangeable, but they are not standard 22mm straps.

The iQOO Watch features a 1.43-inch OLED display with a resolution of 466 x 466 pixels and an always-on mode. The watch also detects when you change straps and automatically downloads a matching watch face. There are two hardware controls on board – the rotating crown at the top and the button at the bottom. There is both a microphone and a speaker for Bluetooth calls or calls from the watch itself on the eSIM version.

The health tracking system uses an interesting dual setup. During the day, it uses visible light to track your heart rate and blood oxygen levels. At night it switches to invisible infrared so that the iQOO Watch does not disturb your sleep with flashing lights. iQOO claims that the multi-channel sensor (8 channels for heart rate, 16 for blood oxygen) combined with a deep learning algorithm achieves 97.7% accuracy in tracking your heart rate.

Sleep tracking includes sleep time and score, as well as sleep stage classification. The watch can also record naps. If you purchase an iQOO watch for each family member, you can share your vital signs with each other via the smartphone app.

In addition, the smartwatch has 100 sports modes. She can plan training sessions, coach you during training and provide advice on how to improve performance. NFC is also on board. With the right infrastructure, the iQOO Watch can use public transport as well as unlock the car.

iQOO Watch prices

The 505 mAh battery in the watch lasts up to 8 days in Bluetooth mode during normal operation and up to 16 days with energy saving mode activated. In eSIM operation, these values drop to up to 3 and up to 7 days. The iQOO Watch is already available in China via vivo’s online store. The Bluetooth model with a rubber strap costs CNY 1,100 (€140/$150/₹12,500). The eSIM model normally costs CNY 1,300, but is currently CNY 100 cheaper. There is also an eSIM variant with a leather strap for CNY 100 more.



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