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vivo iQOO Pad2 and Pad2 Pro introduced

The vivo iQOO Pad2 and iQOO Pad2 Pro are here and offer a lot of performance thanks to very fast chipsets.
vivo iQOO Pad2 Pro

As expected, the vivo iQOO Pad2 and Pad2 Pro made their official debut in China today. Both devices have the same basic design, with the Pro model featuring a larger 13-inch IPS LCD display. The resolution is 2,064 x 3,096 pixels, the refresh rate is 144 Hz, and the aspect ratio is 3:2. The base model instead uses a 12.1-inch IPS LCD panel with a resolution of 1,968 x 2,800 pixels, a refresh rate of 144 Hz, and an aspect ratio of 7:5. The Pro also has two more speakers on board with eight speakers and surround sound.

The two tablets also have different chipsets. The vivo Pad2 Pro uses the new Dimensity 9300+ chip as well as up to 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage. The normal Pad2 instead uses the Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 and a maximum of 12/512 GB.

The vivo iQOO Pad2 takes photos with a 5 megapixel selfie camera and an 8 megapixel main camera. The Pro instead takes 8 megapixel selfies and 13 megapixel photos with the main camera. The Pro battery also has a larger capacity at 11,500 mAh and charges faster at 66 watts. The base model has a 10,000 mAh battery that charges at 44 watts. Both tablets start with OriginOS 4 based on Android 14.

The vivo iQOO Pad2 and Pad2 Pro are available in silver, blue and gray. Prices for the Pad2 start at 2,499 CNY (324 €/350 $) for the 8/128 GB version and go up to 3,399 CNY (441 €/478 $). The Pad2 Pro also costs 3,399 CNY (441 €/478 $) in the 8/256 GB version. But you can also spend 4,099 CNY (531 €/576 $) for the 16/512 GB version.

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