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Video: Google Pixel 8a disassembled with some effort

The Google Pixel 8a should last at least seven years when it comes to software support. But there are a few problems.
Google Pixel 8a green

The Google Pixel 8a should last for at least seven years, based on Google’s current time frame for software support. Accordingly, the search engine giant must also ensure that spare parts are available until 2031. But if you had to repair one yourself, how difficult would it be?

Well, the plastic back cover of the Google Pixel 8a is easy to remove. However, this wouldn’t even be necessary if you just wanted to replace the protective glass over the cameras. Then there are a few Torx screws in the way, but after that the source of the video, PBKreviews, actually ran into a problem. And it’s a typical one: Although the battery has a pull tab, it is firmly glued to the frame. This makes it difficult to remove, even with plenty of isopropyl alcohol.

Interestingly, there are no vapor chambers as heat exchangers in the Pixel 8a. Instead, lots of graphite and copper foil as well as thermal pads are intended to dissipate the heat and thus keep the Tensor G3 chipset cool. However, the tensors in Google phones tend to run relatively hot under load. And such a basic cooling solution doesn’t really help.

Overall, the Google Pixel 8a received 7.5 out of 10 points from PBKreviews. The design, availability of parts and display replacement all received full marks. This is also ensured by the fact that you don’t have to go through the back to replace the display but can dismantle it from the front, which makes the process much easier. However, due to the battery problem, the repairability rating of the remaining components only received 1.5 out of 4 points.


Achim Maier
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