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Ultra-thin Apple iPad Pro (2024): Mixed bend test

The new Apple iPad Pro (2024) models are the thinnest devices Apple has ever made. How do they hold up in the bending test?
Apple iPad Air (2024) and-Magic-Keyboard-03-240507

The new, recently announced Apple iPad Pro (2024) models are the thinnest devices Apple has ever made. The 11-inch model is 5.3 mm thick and the 13-inch model is even thinner at 5.1 mm. The question, of course, is: How will Apple’s new tablets perform in a bending test? Zack from the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel has the answer. Interestingly, there is no clear answer to the question because the 13-inch iPad Pro has a trick up its sleeve.

You can find the resolution in the video above. Essentially, there is a special feature: Apple has included a special part to improve rigidity. And this works surprisingly well. If you try to bend the iPad in “landscape” format, nothing will break. Unfortunately, if you bend it in “portrait” format, this special plate can’t do anything. The point at the USB-C port becomes the weakest link in the chain and the display of the Apple iPad Pro (2024) breaks.

Still a strong performance for a tablet that is only 5.1 mm thick. Zack suggests that Apple could add a new panel inside for the next generation. This would sit parallel to the bottom of the USB port and give the new model more stability. However, you will hardly carry the Apple iPad Pro (2024) in your back pocket and sit on it. Therefore, attempting to perform a bend test on a huge tablet like this is more for entertainment purposes.

The new Apple iPad Pro (2024) models and the new iPad Airs are already available in stores. What’s interesting is Apple’s Tandem OLED technology, which essentially stacks two OLED panels. Stacking screens on top of each other to increase brightness appears to have affected the fire resistance of the display, as nothing happens even when directly lit with flame from a lighter. Normally the OLEDs that are directly affected either turn white or black forever, but not in this case.



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