Threads: Facebook’s Twitter rival is live in the UK and US

Meta actually didn't want to start its Twitter competitor Threads until today, July 6th. Now the platform already went live last night.
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Meta actually didn’t want to start its Twitter competitor Threads until today, July 6th. The social media platform went live yesterday evening and anyone who is interested can view the first content. However, the full functionality of the new platform is limited to 100 markets. These include the US and England, due to “weaker privacy laws”. The European Union is not invited to the party “at this point”, a spokesman for Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC) told

The first message on Threads was posted by Meta CEO and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg himself. His username is the same as on Instagram, but instead of, the URL is Unfortunately, if you try to like, comment or reply to the message, you still get the message “Threads hasn’t rolled out to your region yet. Until then, you can continue viewing content.”

The Irish regulator was in contact with Meta and told journalists that Threads is designed to import data from Instagram. This includes both advertising data and information on how people use the platform. The DPC isn’t actively blocking the service though. It’s Meta who have yet to prepare it for a European launch, which will comply with the EU’s GDPR data protection regulations.

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