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Threads: Facebook’s Twitter competitor

The internal name for the new social media app is "Project 92", while the official name could become "Threads".
Threads Project 92 Facebook Twitter

Facebook parent company Meta is apparently working on a product that competes with Twitter. A first screenshot of the app has now been leaked in an employee preview. The internal name for the new social media app is “Project 92”. The official name is rumored to be “Threads”.

From the leaked screenshot, we can see that the Threads interface is very similar to Instagram, but without the images. According to Meta’s Chief Product Officer (CPO), Chris Cox, the upcoming social media app will use the ActivityPub social networking protocol. This allows interested users to migrate their Instagram accounts and followers to the new platform.

The meta manager also shared that the app will be “our answer to Twitter“. It will automatically populate profiles with the user’s Instagram account information. Meta has reportedly received several requests from public figures and creators for a working Twitter alternative that operates transparently and provides a secure basis for information dissemination.

Meta has reportedly received commitments from several celebrities, including DJ Slime, to use the new platform. They are also in talks with Oprah Winfrey and the Dalai Lama as potential threads candidates. Development for the new social media project started in January and the plan is to go live as soon as possible.



Toni Hobrecht
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