Threads cracks 30 million users in the first 24 hours

Today the next milestone came directly - Threads has been online for 24 hours and already has over 30 million users.

Meta opened the first markets for its Twitter competitor Threads yesterday. So far, you can post text, images and videos up to 5 minutes long and like, comment and re-share other people’s messages. Despite limited availability with a few select countries, the platform is already going through the roof.

In the first seven hours after launch, 10 million people signed up for Threads, according to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg on his own Threads profile. The next milestone came today – the platform has now been online for 24 hours and already has over 30 million users.

This means that between 250 and 350 users from more than 100 countries register every second right now. The number would be significantly higher if threads were already allowed in the European Union. However, regulators confirmed yesterday that Meta is still working to make the new service GDPR compliant. So we have to wait a little longer in this country.

According to Zuckerberg, threads will not only become an alternative to Musk’s Twitter, but will soon also be compatible with Mastodon and WordPress via the open ActivityPub protocol. The aim is to enable new types of connection between people that are not possible in current social media apps.

Threads is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and on desktop at The easiest way to connect is to log in with an existing Instagram account. The service itself will soon get more features, such as suggested posts, better search, and easier navigation. You’ll also soon be able to follow trends that work similarly to Twitter’s hashtags.

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