Tensor G4 chip for Google Pixel 9 could come from Samsung

While all eyes are on the Pixel 8 series, a report is already shedding light on the Tensor G4 chipset on the Google Pixel 9 series.
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Google is expected to launch the Pixel 8 series with a Tensor G3 chipset in October. The processor is based on Samsung’s Exynos 2400 chip, which has also not yet been released. And while all eyes are on the 2023 flagships, a new report on X/Twitter is already shedding some light on the Tensor G4 chipset on the 2024 Google Pixel 9 series.

If all rumors are true, the Google Pixel 9’s Tensor G4 will be quite similar to the G3. The CPU is led by a Cortex-X4 core, plus A720 performance cores and A520 efficiency cores. There is also an Immortalis G715 GPU for graphics. The processor is manufactured by Samsung Foundry as the deal with market leader TSMC collapsed due to “low volume”.

According to reports, the Tensor G4 will be built on the 4LPP+ process, which is a step further from the 4LPP node for the Tensor G3. It is not yet known what difference the plus will bring. Samsung has not yet released any official details about its new 4nm process. Let alone how it differs from the current 4nm EUV technology.

Other details are still pretty scarce. The whole story is currently shrouded in a cloud of speculation. Still, Google’s commitment to the Pixel 9 could be seen as evidence that Samsung Foundry has finally found a way to make chipsets, including Exynos platforms, that don’t overheat. And are therefore also attractive for external customers such as Google, who supposedly want to build three models of the new series.


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