Tecno shows color-changing smartphone concept

Tecno showed a smartphone with a new chameleon color changing technology at the Mobile World Congress with up to 1,600 different colors.
Tecno Chameleon Coloring

Tecno showed a smartphone with a new chameleon color changing technology at the Mobile World Congress. The back of the device can generate a variety of color patterns at the touch of a button. The basis for this is an electrically controlled prism coloring technology that uses a grating of submicron prism material. If you apply an electric field to it, the material changes direction and the color changes.

By precisely controlling the direction of the prism, the material can scatter light at multiple, different wavelengths. The result is a wide range of iridescent colors. However, the material does not serve as a display and does not produce any light. Instead, it scatters light across its surface, coloring it in the process.

The arrangement of the submicron prism can be controlled manually via the device software. Either you choose manually from a total of 1,600 different colors or you let the cell phone automatically choose according to the battery status, to match the music or notifications. The individual color changes only take 0.03 seconds. According to Tecno, the battery goes through up to 2 million color changes before you have to go back to the charger.

Tecno has been working on color-changing backs for some time. Last year the company launched the Tecno Camon 19 Pro Mondrian Edition. Using a polychromatic photoisomer technology, the Camon 19 Pro Mondrian changes the color of the back when exposed to UV rays from sunlight.

Tecno has not yet mentioned any concrete product plans for its chameleon color-changing technology.


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