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Strava now with Spotify integration

Strava has announced a new partnership with Spotify, integrating the streaming platform into its own mobile app. It lets you link your favorite songs, playlists, and podcasts to the sports platform and start playing music instantly without having to switch apps.

A music note appears on the recording tab, showing suggested playlists and tracks straight from Spotify. Users with a Premium subscription can also play their starred tracks and curated playlists. Free users can play everything that Spotify also offers in the regular version directly from the app. Of course, this also includes advertising from time to time.

Strava makes the function available to all users, whether free or paid, including a Summit subscription. However, you have to connect both platforms once. One thing Spotify Premium subscribers will miss about the integration is the ability to listen to music and podcasts offline. Because Strava requires a mobile or Wi-Fi connection to keep the audio feed alive.

The new feature, which eliminates the extra step of switching between apps, should be available now for Android and iOS users.



Toni Hobrecht
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