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Spotify is testing video learning courses

It's just a test in Great Britain for now: Spotify is now offering learning courses. You need a new subscription, but you can test courses.
Spotify Learning Courses

Spotify was originally an app for listening to music. Little by little, many other things were added – podcasts, audio books, and recently even music videos. Now a new test has been added – there are now video-based learning courses in Great Britain. Educational content is pretty far removed from music, and yet Spotify seems intent on expanding its scope well beyond “just” music.

The company currently works with education technology companies such as BBC Maestro, PLAYvirtuoso, Skillshare and Thinkific in the UK. The video courses are available for purchase and are not included in a Spotify subscription. However, you can “at least” test them out – two lessons per course are free before you can buy more lessons. This is independent of whether you use the free model or are a premium subscriber.

The courses appear alongside music, podcasts and audiobooks in the app. Spotify says the educational content “covers a variety of topics,” organized into four main themes: making music, getting creative, learning business and living healthy. Babar Zafar, vice president of product development at Spotify, said:

“Testing video courses in the U.K. allows us to explore an exciting opportunity to better serve the needs of our users who have an active interest in learning. Many of our users engage with podcasts and audiobooks on a daily basis for their learning needs, and we believe this highly engaged community will be interested in accessing and purchasing quality content from video course creators. At Spotify, we’re constantly striving to create new offerings for our creators and users, and having built best-in-class personalized music and podcast offerings, we look forward to exploring the potential of video-based learning on Spotify.”

Babar Zafar, Vice President of Product Development at Spotify



Stefan Andres
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