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Speed test: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs. Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max

Unveiled earlier this month, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is one of the best Android smartphones you can buy right now. On the iOS side of the fence, though, there’s an equally capable opponent, the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max, also one of the best smartphones out there.

So how do the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max stack up against each other in the side-by-side speed test? PhoneBuff editors have done a speed test of the two flagship smartphones with the help of a robot.

In the last three years, no Apple iPhone has lost the first round of the PhoneBuff speed test against any other smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, on the other hand, now ended the streak of the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max. After a long reign of no less than 1,244 days, even if the lead wasn’t that big. The test stops at 1:54:31 minutes for the Samsung smartphone compared to 1:55:67 minutes for the iPhone.

Round two shows exactly the opposite result. The iPhone 14 Pro Max wins the test with 45:86 seconds compared to 47:46 seconds for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. However, the editor points out that you can close apps in the Apple universe with just one click/Swype, while in the Android world you need two clicks. In the end, this gave the defending champion the decisive advantage to win round two and still get a draw in the end.

Toni Hobrecht
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