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Sony Xperia Pro-I II could have two 1.0 inch cameras

The current flagship Sony Xperia Pro-I was launched at the end of 2021. So it’s clearly high time for a replacement in the series. That could be exactly what the Japanese company is currently working on, judging by a recent rumor on the subject. The first renderings of the new top model from the Japanese are already in the luggage. They show the upcoming Sony Xperia Pro-I II from multiple angles and with a very interesting rear camera module.

As you can see, the Sony Xperia Pro-I II has two very large cameras and other sensors on board, which dominate half of the back. Accordingly, there is speculation that the Sony phone will actually ship with cameras with two 1.0-inch sensors. In comparison, the predecessor Xperia Pro-I “only” had one 1-inch sensor under the main camera.

Also, rumors have surfaced that there will be a Sony smartphone with a new sensor technology sometime in the future. It goes by the name of double-layer transistor stacked pixel sensor and is said to describe a chip that should be even larger than 1.0 inch. So far, however, it is still unclear whether the new image sensor is already so far in development that it could be installed in the Sony Xperia Pro-I II.



Mats Hellqvist
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