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Sony Xperia 1 V: billboard in Hong Kong reveals design

The Sony Xperia 1 V will be officially presented in exactly ten days. The Sony smartphone was spotted over two months ago with a similar design to its predecessor. But as of today there is official confirmation of the design. The new flagship appeared on a large billboard in the middle of Hong Kong. In addition to the vertical alignment of the three main cameras on the back, the appearance with an oval camera module and larger lenses also came to light.

A photo of the billboard appeared on Reddit, revealing that the new Xperia 1’s slogan will be “One for all lights”. The Xperia 1 V has “the next generation low-noise dual camera sensor”. Accordingly, Sony attaches some importance to the performance of the cameras in low-light situations with the new model. According to previous reports, Sony is installing an IMX989 sensor under the main camera. The Japanese could also opt for the IMX858. The IMX858 is currently the only platform that supports the new low-noise mode LN2 in combination with MCSS (Multi-Camera Synchronization-System).

The way LN2 works is an implementation of a new architecture of CMOS sensor technology. Instead of building photodiodes and pixel transistors on the same substrate and level, LN2 stacks the components on top of each other. This allows the sensor to expand the dynamic range and admit more light, reducing noise without sacrificing overall performance.

In contrast to other manufacturers such as Xiaomi, especially with the Poco F5 series or Realme with the 11 series, Sony is not known for teasing technical data at an early stage. So we’ll probably have to wait for the official launch of the Xperia 1 V on May 11th. At the latest then we’ll get all the specifications.



Achim Maier
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