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Sony announces PlayStation 5 Deep Earth Collection

Sony has announced a new color edition for the PlayStation 5. The new set, called the “Sony PlayStation 5 Deep Earth Collection”, is said to be inspired by the “beautiful and powerful hues found in the depths of planet Earth”. There are three colors that are part of this collection: Volcanic Red, Cobalt Blue and Sterling Silver.

The Volcanic Red is a richer, brighter shade of red than the previously announced Cosmic Red set, which had a magenta hue. The new color also has a metallic finish, which is almost high-gloss. The Cobalt Blue is also a deeper shade of blue than what we saw with the previously announced Starlight Blue and features hints of purple. Like red, Cobalt Blue has a metallic finish. Finally, Sterling Silver is a simple, understated, shiny silver with the same metallic finish as the other two shades of the Sony PlayStation 5 Deep Earth Collection.

As with the previous color options, the PlayStation 5 Deep Earth Collection is only available as optional covers and controllers for existing consoles. This means that you cannot buy a new PS5 console in these colors. The optional covers cost $60 (€56) each and the DualSense controllers cost $75 (€70). Pre-orders begin October 4th, with Volcanic Red and Cobalt Blue models available November 3rd, 2023 and Sterling Silver available January 26th, 2024.


Thomas Dietrich
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