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Software update otw to reduce Apple iPhone 12 radiation

A few days ago, the French National Frequency Authority (ANFR) banned the sale of the Apple iPhone 12 in the country. The reason is that the cell phone emits more electromagnetic waves than EU regulations allow – the specific absorption rate (SAR) was above the legal limit.

The authority gave Apple an ultimatum and asked the company to use “all available means” to quickly solve the problem. Otherwise, there is a risk of a recall of all iPhone 12 smartphones ever sold in France. Now Apple has responded and promised to provide a software update to fix the radiation problem.

It’s unclear what exactly the software update changes. However, Apple is confident that the French authorities’ concerns can be dispelled. Different testing methods are used in France than in the rest of the EU. The ANFR not only tests the SAR values on the head and body, but also carries out SAR tests on the limbs. For example, the load is measured with a cell phone in the hand, and the Apple iPhone 12 failed in exactly these tests.

In a statement, Apple said:

“We will issue a software update for users in France to accommodate the protocol used by French regulators. We look forward to iPhone 12 continuing to be available in France. This is related to a specific testing protocol used by French regulators and not a safety concern.”

Apple press department

Officials from Belgium, Germany and Italy have asked Apple to release this update across the EU. Apple will probably comply with this request. The French government said that the iPhone 12 will be retested soon after the update is released. If the Apple smartphone is within the legal SAR limits, sales will resume immediately.


Toni Hobrecht
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