Samsung XR headset only in 6 months due to Apple Vision Pro

According to SBS Biz, the new Samsung XR headset, which was supposed to arrive in February 2024, has been delayed by up to 6 months.
Samsung XR Headset

According to SBS Biz, the launch of Samsung’s new XR (extended reality) headset, which was supposed to be released in February 2024, has been delayed by three to six months. According to the Korean website, Samsung originally planned to start mass-producing the headset early next year. However, because of the technical data of the Apple Vision Pro headset, the Korean company has now decided to put the specifications and design of the XR headset to the test again.

According to information from the industry, Samsung Electronics recently informed its display partners that it was “postponing the project plan for new XR devices”. The original plan was to start mass production of the XR headset early next year. Samsung is now assuming that the project will probably be delayed by 6 months.

Samsung launched a headset called Gear VR back in 2014 with VR company Oculus, a subsidiary of Meta. In 2018 they released the Odyssey Plus. However, due to a lack of computing power, both products were not very successful and never really caught on. The market for XR products was not really developed at that time either.

While Samsung is starting over with its XR headset, things aren’t going well for Apple either. For one thing, the Vision Pro headset is struggling with production issues and Apple has already drastically lowered its target of 1 million units sold in the first month. Appropriately, Apple’s idea of virtual reality should initially only be available in selected stores and only by appointment. On the other hand, according to the first tests, the Vision Pro is too heavy.

For all the info on the Apple Vision Pro headset, check out our announcement coverage.


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