Samsung VR Headset before launch against Apple Vision Pro

Samsung has filed a patent that apparently concerns a new VR headset for virtual avatars in augmented reality.
Samsung XR Headset

Samsung has apparently filed a new patent for a VR headset. Mysmartprice has found a patent documentation that suggests that Samsung’s VR headset is technically in no way inferior to the Apple Vision Pro and could offer similar functions. The headset may also have infrared sensors for augmented reality.

The patent was filed with the Korea Intellectual Property Office: “Communication methods and apparatus utilizing avatars in virtual space.” According to the document, the Samsung VR headset can display virtual avatars to the user. To do this, it uses multiple sensors to collect information from the environment.

However, the word headset is not mentioned anywhere in the patent. Instead, it indicates arbitrary gadgets that can be worn by the user. The data strongly suggests a Samsung VR headset. However, they may not be clearly disclosed to protect the patent.

The patent also shows that Samsung will seamlessly integrate its VR headset with other products such as wireless headphones and the Galaxy smartwatches. It suggests the headset can collect information such as heart rate and calories burned from an external paired device and form a virtual avatar. This could allow users to share training and exercise details with other people in real time.

In addition, the headset can also have multiple sensors such as an accelerometer, gyroscope, camera module, infrared sensor, etc. This would allow it to track the user’s movements and position in real time. You can also use the data in an interactive graphical user interface (GUI) to display a digital avatar and interact with the environment.

The documents also mention the possibility of an integrated navigation system, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support. The Samsung VR Headset may also have a processor, GPU and NPU to process this data. The location of the battery in the device is still unclear.

Samsung VR Headset vs Apple Vision Pro

The concept seems similar to the Apple Vision Pro headset, which uses a few sensors to create a virtual world inside the headset. However, Samsung’s integration with external devices such as a smartwatch and wireless headphones could go a step further.

Samsung itself has not yet officially announced the development of a new VR headset. It is important to note that these details are merely part of the pending patent and the final product could look completely different. It will be interesting to see how Samsung responds to Apple with its upcoming VR headset.


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