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Samsung shows Galaxy Z Fold5 and Z Flip 5 durability tests

Durability has always been a key concern when it comes to foldable smartphones. That’s why Samsung uses a fleet of robots to make sure everything works as expected. That was already the case with the Galaxy Z Fold4 and Z Flip4 last year as well as with the new Galaxy Z Fold5 and Z Flip5. In a new video, Samsung now shows the various tests that the new foldables have to go through before they go on sale.

The video starts with the opening and closing test, in which Samsung phones have to withstand 200,000 cycles. Then comes the drop test. Here, the new flex-hinge design with its double rail structure helps absorb the force of the impact. Next comes the water resistance tests. Samsung tests to both the IPX8 standard (submersion up to 1.5m/5ft for 30 minutes) and the IPX4 standard (using nozzles to spray the phones with water). There is also a temperature and humidity test, followed by another drop test that simulates impact.

Finally, there are two display tests. The first is only carried out with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 and revolves around drawing with the S Pen. The last display test applies again to both foldables: A steel ball is repeatedly dropped on the display to ensure that it also works outside of the protection of the clamshell design.


Achim Maier
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