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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 Lite for €799 comes with Apple iPhone 16

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 Lite will reportedly cost just $799, have similar cameras to the Fold5, and launch in the fall.
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6

There have been rumors for some time that Samsung wants to shake up the foldable smartphone market this year. Namely with a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 Lite, a cheaper version that should probably come onto the market in early to mid-July. This cheaper version of the foldable now reportedly has a price, and it’s shockingly good: $799.

That’s less than half the price of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 and would be an extremely affordable price for a foldable device. Accordingly, the market for foldables is expected to reach new heights in terms of sales figures.

Of course, only if the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 Lite turns out to be true. That’s a big “if,” but we’re still excited. The same source also claims that the cheaper Fold6 will have similar cameras to the Fold5. Since the normal Fold6 is supposed to get a camera update, this rumor sounds pretty likely. It is even said that Samsung uses exactly the same suppliers. Huawei has been conquering global market share in foldables for months. The cheaper Fold6 could be the Korean company’s answer.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 Lite not until fall?

There’s also a new rumor from Samsung’s native Korea about the launch timeframe for the Galaxy Z Fold6 Lite. We previously assumed that it would be officially presented in Paris in July along with the regular Fold6 and the Galaxy Z Flip6. Instead, it could launch around the same time as the Apple iPhone 16, sometime in September or October.

The strategy is undoubtedly intended to take some wind out of Apple’s sails, but it could also backfire for Samsung. After all, Apple will launch normal devices in September, while a foldable is still more of a niche product. Even if it will be cheaper than an iPhone 16 Pro. Interestingly, Samsung doesn’t seem to have much confidence in its success, judging by the rumored delivery target – 200,000 to 300,000 units initially. But if the rumor about the price of $799 is true, this first batch should sell out quickly.

Apparently Samsung will also rely on AI functions in the marketing of the Galaxy Z Fold6 and Z Flip6. The same thing already happened with the Galaxy S24 series and the sales figures were around 10% higher than the S23 series. The Fold6 will be thinner than the Fold5, and the cheaper Fold6 will be even thinner as it doesn’t offer S-Pen support.

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