Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6: dimensions, weight and battery

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 is said to be a little lighter. There are also new rumors about the dimensions and the battery.
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 will weigh 239g, significantly less than the 253g of the Galaxy Z Fold5 and just 2g more than the heavier version of the Honor Magic V2 (8g more than the lighter version). This also means that the Fold6 weighs the same as the lighter version of the OnePlus Open and is 6g lighter than the heavier version of the Open.

The info comes from the usually reliable tipster Ice Universe. Accordingly, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 will be 5.6 mm thick when open and 12.1 mm thick when closed. In comparison, the Fold5 measures 6.1 mm and 13.4 mm and the Honor Magic V2 4.7/4.8 mm and 9.9/10.1 mm. The OnePlus Open comes in at 5.8 mm and 11.7 mm respectively.

The Galaxy Z Fold6 will definitely still be the thickest of this group. At least Samsung now seems to be the first to take up the issue. That is, of course, if this rumor turns out to be true, because for now it’s just a rumor.

Anyway, Ice Universe goes on to say that the Fold6 will retain the 7.6-inch diagonal of the main display. The cover display, on the other hand, has a slightly different form factor – 22:9 instead of 23.1:9, which makes it wider and shorter when closed. Samsung also increases the screen diagonal from 6.2 to 6.3 inches.

Ice Universe relates this information to the normal Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6. Another well-known tipster, OnLeaks, instead believes this is more likely to be the rumored Z Fold6 Ultra. OnLeaks’ CAD files show that the thickness of the non-Ultra model is 6.1mm when unfolded.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 battery size

Ice Universe also had something to say about the battery size of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6. Accordingly, the capacity remains at the 4,400 mAh of the Galaxy Z Fold5. The charging support should also remain at the current 25 watts. These specifications are “final” and Samsung will not make any further changes to them.

That would be somewhat disappointing, as other manufacturers have already proven that foldables can do much more. The recently launched vivo X Fold 3 Pro has a 5,700 mAh cell that charges at up to 100 watts. However, Samsung still seems to be hesitant for some reason.

Rumor has it that the Fold6 will become official at the next Unpacked event, which is expected to take place in Paris in early to mid-July.

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