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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 teardown shows new shock dispersion layer

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 launched last month is a rather small update compared to last year's Galaxy Z Fold4.
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 launched last month is a rather small update compared to last year’s Galaxy Z Fold4. However, it now features a new hinge mechanism for a seamless design and also a “Shock Dispersion Layer”. This is a shock-absorbing layer under the flexible main display. YouTuber Zack from the JerryRigEverything channel goes in search of the layer in his latest teardown video.

First, Zack removes the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5’s foldable main display by cutting up the plastic frame. However, there is no shock-absorbing layer to be found here either. Instead, a gold digitizing layer for the S Pen comes to the fore. Underneath is another layer of black plastic. But this cannot be the new feature either, since Samsung already installed the same layer in the Galaxy Z Fold4.

Instead, it is probably the various small, black cutouts on the frame. These can actually cushion shocks to a very limited extent. However, the solution is neither technically sophisticated nor suitable for absorbing increased pressure. Then the back goes off, which is relatively easy, and the front glass, which breaks when Zack tries to remove it. 17 screws later he can finally remove the first of two batteries.

After a total of 26 screws, Zack also has the second battery in his hand. 40 screws and you can see the new hinge, which uses springs instead of gears. After 71 screws, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 is finally completely dismantled. By the way, the same YouTuber has already done a durability test of the Galaxy Z Fold5.


Thomas Dietrich
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