Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Tab: triple foldable in planning

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Tab will be launched alongside the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series, according to a new tip.
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold S Z Fold Tab

Samsung’s next generation of flagship tablets, the Galaxy Tab S9 series, is currently approaching its official launch with numerous leaks. However, the Koreans may be planning another exciting device – a foldable tablet. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Tab will be launched alongside the Galaxy Tab S9 series, according to a new tip.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Tab joins the Z series of foldables. Unfortunately, little else is known about the device. Earlier rumors put a triple foldable into play. In the meantime, Samsung has also shown smartphones that can be folded outwards and a tablet with an extendable display. Either way, a construction with two hinges would increase the complexity significantly.

The images above show various potential designs of a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Tab. They are based on both design drawings from a patent Samsung filed a few years ago and CAD renderings. The patent shows two hinges that allow the tablet to be folded forwards or backwards. This would allow the display to be closed for protection as well as converted to a smaller display with a wider aspect ratio.

Of course, patent drawings don’t always become reality, and a single-hinge design will be easier to produce. Samsung already has four generations of Z Folds on the market, with the Galaxy Z Fold4 as the current pinnacle. More and more rumors are now pointing to the next step being scaling to tablet size.

More reliable information about Samsung’s future lineup should emerge with the launch of the Galaxy Tab S9 series. Also, Apple’s first foray into foldable devices is expected to be an iPad rather than an iPhone. According to tipster Ming-Chi Kuo, the first Apple iPad Fold will be launched in 2024, giving Samsung still time to unveil its main competitor.


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