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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5: Update fixes cover display bugs

Who doesn’t know it – you buy a new mobile phone and the first thing that happens is a software update several gigabytes in size. This is because hardly any manufacturers manage to eliminate all errors in their firmware before the start of sales. The new cover display of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5, called Flex Window, is probably the biggest upgrade of the new foldable generation and should have increased the challenges in this regard even more.

Because the extensive new functions of the cover display require various fine work. In principle, in contrast to the outer display of the Samung Galaxy Z Flip4, you can use it to control pretty much all of the main functions of the Galaxy Z Flip5. And of course the panel also works as an Always On Display, so Samsung updated the associated app today as well.

With the update, you can now also use a graphic clock with additional information on the cover display of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5. The new app no longer changes the look even if you are abroad and your Samsung smartphone goes into roaming mode. Previously, the Flip5 would partially reset the adjustments and you’d have to reapply them.

In addition, memory problems occurred in certain situations when using the Flex Window. This error is also fixed with the latest version of the AOD app ( In addition, the updated firmware also includes a new version of the Good Lock app ( with more bug fixes. If you haven’t received the update notification yet, you can check the Galaxy Store app for Always-On Display and Good Lock app updates.


Mats Hellqvist
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