Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 to get 3,3 Zoll cover display

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is only coming in a few months. Apparently, the jump will be bigger this time than with the Galaxy Z Flip4.
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 review

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 will not be unveiled before August. Apparently, the jump this time is much bigger than with the predecessor Galaxy Z Flip4. While the foldable performed very well in our Z Flip4 test, it didn’t show any major improvements over the Galaxy Z Flip3. According to Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, the Galaxy Z Flip5 will change that.

Young anticipates two major changes in the Galaxy Z Flip5. On the one hand, the new Samsung clamshell phone should have a much larger cover display. The size is said to be around 3.3 to 3.4 inches, which would be a significant leap over the 1.9-inch display of the current Galaxy Z Flip4.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 review

Just yesterday, the first video of Oppo’s upcoming Find N2 Flip, the direct competitor to Samsung’s Flip series, surfaced. The external display of the Oppo cell phone should be 3.26 inches. According to today’s rumors, the Galaxy Z Flip5 would top even that. But Young also suggests, that the main display gets an upgrade at the crease. A new hinge design on the Z Flip5 will “reduce the visibility of the seam”. It is still unknown whether the crease will become less noticeable as a result.

Chinese competitors have consistently released devices with less visible and less tactile creases in their foldable displays. The Samsung foldables were the only ones that were waterproof. Maybe Samsung will combine both in the next generation.


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