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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5: durability test and teardown

With the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 we are now looking at the fifth generation. What has improved in the durability test?
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Z Flip5

Foldables still have a bad reputation for durability. The new form factor calls for soft, foldable main displays, and the hinge introduces several moving parts. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5, however, we are now looking at the fifth generation. What has improved?

In JerryRigEverything’s latest durability test, the vertically foldable mobile phone is subjected to various tests as usual. Aside from the usual scratches and burns, the Galaxy Z Flip5 also had to withstand sand. And ideally not break through when bending backwards. Not only did the hinge survive all the dust, the main display was still fully functional after the tests. Even the bending test didn’t damage the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 – it didn’t even crack. A true testament to Samsung’s durability improvements over the years.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 teardown video

After testing the durability of the Galaxy Z Flip5, the next step was the teardown. In the video, the Samsung smartphone is disassembled piece by piece. Normal mobile phones can usually be easily reassembled afterwards. With foldables, however, things are much more difficult because various moving parts have to be in place again. In the video you can see the result.

Disassembling and fully assembling the Galaxy Z Flip5 to its delivery state is not an easy task. Zack from JerryRigEverything actually did it though. Interestingly, he even plans to buy a Flip5 himself and use it for a few years.

This will be the longest long-term durability test he’s ever run and we’re excited to see the results. As of today, Samsung has proven with the Galaxy Z Flip5 that foldable cell phones are now resilient and suitable for everyday use.

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