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Samsung Galaxy Watch7 series: 32GB internal storage

In addition to an efficient 3nm chipset, the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 models will also have more storage space for music and apps.
Samsung Galaxy Watch7

Samsung is expected to unveil three Galaxy Watch7 models in July. There is supposedly a brand new, 50% more efficient, state-of-the-art 3nm chipset working under the hood. Now we have some news about the upcoming watches. The trio will carry model numbers SM-L300/L305, SM-L310/L315 and SM-L700/L705, with the latter presumably being the top model. The model numbers with a 5 appended are probably eSIM capable.

Samsung is also expected to double the storage from 16 to 32 GB to make more room for offline music and apps. It is not yet known whether Samsung will also increase the RAM at the same time. It is also still completely unclear whether the third model will be a Galaxy Watch Pro or the recently leaked rectangular Galaxy Watch.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch7 series is set to introduce a new version of Wear OS with Samsung’s own One UI Watch interface. There are supposedly “extended functions” on board, whatever that means in concrete terms. The new Samsung Galaxy Ring is also expected to come onto the stage.


Mats Hellqvist
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