Samsung Galaxy Watch7 Pro is said to have a larger battery

The battery capacity of the Samsung Galaxy Watch7 Pro appeared in a new certification. It should be slightly higher than on the Watch5 Pro.
Samsung Galaxy Watch7

South Korean regulators have certified a battery with model number EB-BL705ABY and a rated capacity of 578 mAh. This is clearly a smartwatch battery. This is also shown by a look at the Galaxy Watch5 Pro, which has a nominal capacity of 573 mAh and a typical capacity of 590 mAh. The last value can usually be found afterwards in the advertising materials.

That’s significantly larger than the second largest battery ever in a Galaxy Watch. It’s in the Galaxy Watch6 Classic and, at 425 mAh, has a capacity that’s almost 40% smaller. The obvious conclusion is that there will be another Samsung Galaxy Watch7 Pro this year. This is exactly the content of some of the latest leaks. They assume three models in this generation – a basic version, a Classic and a Pro model. One of the three is likely to be a rectangular variant. The last rectangular model was the Galaxy Live from a decade ago.

Assuming the Classic sticks with the signature rotating bezel, then either the Pro or base model will be rectangular. A rectangular battery like the EB-BL705ABY fits a rectangular watch much better, although the form factor also easily fit the 45.4mm Watch5 Pro.

The drive will be provided by the new Exynos chipset. It is said to run 50% more efficiently than its predecessor in the Samsung Galaxy Watch7 series and therefore consume around 30% less power. It is therefore possible that the battery life will be significantly better. The Watch7 series may be unveiled at the same Galaxy Unpacked event where the Galaxy Z Fold6 and Z Flip6 are also unveiled.


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