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Samsung Galaxy Watch6 could get mini projector

Samsung was one of the first brands to release a smartphone with a built-in projector over a decade ago. The so-called Samsung Galaxy Beam should remain a one-off project. But a new patent filing suggests the feature could come back, albeit in a Samsung wearable. A potential Samsung Galaxy Watch6 with a built-in projector appeared in a patent application. The patent shows a concept device that can project information from the outside of its case onto the back of the user’s hand.

According to the patent specification, the projector module contains multiple lenses and LED emitters lined up in an arc shape. The projector can mirror the display content of the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 and project images and videos onto the back of the user’s hand. However, the patent also describes that the tiny projector can display information that differs from the display content. The Galaxy Watch6 would then only function as a remote control and could be used independently of the projector operation.

Some of the use cases described also include the projection of broadcasts and multimedia content. Samsung also describes that the LEDs in the projector could adjust their luminance and focal length on the fly to ensure an optimal image. However, the concept would not work otherwise, since the watch would have to be removed from the wrist and placed on a solid surface each time. One can only hope that more information and a working prototype of the patent application will emerge soon. But as with all patents, there is no certainty that Samsung will even pursue the project.


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Thomas Dietrich

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