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Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra retains 3x telephoto camera, Battery AI brings 10% more endurance

Improvements to the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra's 200MP main camera should reportedly make the 3x lens obsolete.
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra series

A report from a few days ago claimed that the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra will ditch its 3x telephoto camera. Instead, Samsung wants to rely entirely on its 200 megapixel main sensor for close-up areas. Now, reliable tipster Ice Universe says he’s “sure” the next generation Ultra will continue to feature four cameras. Ice Universe explicitly states that the 3x module is not going away. In fact, “an upgrade is certainly possible.”

The 10-megapixel 3x camera has been largely identical since its introduction on the Galaxy S21 Ultra. There were some variations in sensor size and exact focal length (67 or 70mm), but no major changes. The same goes for the 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera with a 120-degree field of view, which hasn’t changed since the S20 Ultra.

The main camera, on the other hand, has undergone several changes. From the 108 megapixel HM1 sensor on the S20 Ultra, to the 108 megapixel HM3 sensor on the S21 and Galaxy S22 Ultra, to the 200 megapixel HP2 sensor on the Galaxy S23 Ultra and S24 Ultra. According to the current status in the rumor mill, the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra will stick with the current main camera. However, there could be further software improvements to improve the light gathering capabilities. According to the latest report, that is exactly the reason why Samsung believes it can do without the 3x module.

The periscope camera has changed the most over the years, and 2025 could be no exception. According to rumors, Samsung is experimenting with a variable focal length, but only between two fixed values. The first should be between a factor of 4x and 5x, the second between 6x and 7x. Sony offers continuous zoom on the Xperia 1 series instead.

Samsung Battery AI is said to increase the battery life of the Galaxy S25 by 10%

Samsung was one of the first manufacturers to introduce AI functions across the board in the form of its own Galaxy AI. On the road to expanding AI to as many areas as possible, next in line are apparently the batteries of the next generation of flagships. According to a new report, the Galaxy S25, Galaxy S25+ and Galaxy S25 Ultra will come with a new “Battery AI”. Samsung wants to increase battery life by up to 10%.

The competition from China generally took the opposite approach with their most recent new introductions – they simply installed 10% larger batteries. Instead, Battery AI is intended to kill unimportant tasks and processes to increase the overall runtime without affecting the performance of the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra. So there probably won’t be a downclocking of the CPU and GPU on Samsung smartphones, which would be good news. Further details are still missing.

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