Samsung Galaxy S23: Touch problems under One UI 6.1

Samsung is already offering a temporary solution for the Galaxy S23 series while it waits for a fix from Google.
Samsung Galaxy S23 One UI 6

Samsung started rolling out the One UI 6.1 update for the Galaxy S23 series at the end of March. Since the new firmware has been available, more and more users have been complaining about touchscreen problems. The touchscreen of these devices sometimes does not register touch inputs correctly and you have to tap several times to get a reaction. This is of course extremely annoying, and Samsung has now at least admitted the problem. However, there is a catch.

According to Samsung, the Galaxy S23 problem is largely Google’s fault – it apparently originates in the Google app’s Discover feed, which can be viewed on the far left of the home screen. Samsung says Google is aware of the problem and is working on a solution. Until then, Samsung is offering affected users a temporary solution. This consists of deleting the Google app data and then restarting the device.

The touchscreen of the Samsung Galaxy S23 should then register all touches properly again. To delete the Google app data, go to Apps > Google > Storage in the settings and then tap Clear data. You may then need to log in to your Google account again.

Google will most likely fix the problem by updating the Google app. Therefore, you should have automatic updates activated in the Play Store. If you are impatient, you can update the app manually at any time via the Play Store. To do this, tap the profile icon, go to “Manage apps and device” and then click the “Update all” button.


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