Samsung Galaxy S23 series: prices and camera video

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series is unlikely to get a price increase over the Galaxy S22 in the US. In Europe, on the other hand, it probably is.
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 series will probably not get a price increase compared to the Galaxy S22 series in the US. The Europeans, however, seem to be less fortunate. A rumor from Australia had already announced the rising prices and today’s leak confirms the bad news.

Galaxy S23 Ultra renders

The Galaxy S23 base model will therefore be 100 euros ($109) more expensive than the Galaxy S22 base model. The same goes for the Galaxy S23+ with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra increases in price by €150 ($163) compared to the Galaxy S22 Ultra. At least you get 256 GB instead of 128 GB of storage space in the basic configuration. This means that in Germany you have to plan at least €949 ($1,034) for a Galaxy S23 and €1,399 ($1,524) for a Galaxy S23 Ultra with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage space. The Galaxy S23+ will most likely cost €1,199 ($1,307) with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, although the leak doesn’t specifically mention the model.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra video camera

Twitter tipster Edwards Urbina had already gotten his hands on a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra a few days ago. After the first test images and hardware screenshots, he has now switched to testing the revised video functions of the new Samsung smartphone. Here is a 4K video at 60 fps from his YouTube channel:

Unfortunately, this is the only Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra video that Urbina has uploaded so far. There were others on Twitter, but each was deleted within a short time. These came from the new 200 megapixel main camera and had a resolution of 8K at 30fps. The image quality of the new ISOCELL HP2 sensor was heavily compressed, but the videos ran impressively smoothly.

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